Are you ready to make change?

Do you want to be healthier? Happier? 

But, perhaps you are not sure where to start. 

The Journey to Wellness Journal might be what you are looking for to help get you started. 


This 12 week transformation journal is designed to help you coach yourself to wellness. 


First you will be guided through a wellness assessment, allowing you a space for honest self-reflection. Your reflections will highlight what areas of your life you may like to start to work on first. 


After working out what isn't going so well, it is time to think about what our life could look like if those things were going well. Quite often we feel lost on the way to wellness, because we have never really stopped to take a moment to envisage what our destination looks like.


This journal will help you work out what it is your destination looks like and how you will feel when you arrive there. 


Once the dreaming is done with, it's onto the planning. The guide will walk you through step-by-step as you create achievable goals that will take you in the direction of your wellness dreams.


There will be chances along the way to stop and reflect and reset when necessary. 


If you feel as if you have been wandering in circles for too long and would like a clear path to follow then this is the journal is for you. 


The journal is available as a downloadable PDF so you can print out a physical copy or for those who like to do things on the computer there's also the fillable PDF version. 


And as a special thank you for ordering I have also included "The Jugglers Journal" daily printout (in both PDF and PDF fillable format). This is the daily planner I have designed to help me keep more balls in the air, feel less overwhelmed and more in control. It's less overwhelming than a whole journal as you just print out and use one page at a time, allowing you to get through one day at a time! 



The Journey to Wellness Journal

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  • It's accessible immedately in PDF format. 

  • Unfortunately once the file is downloaded we can't provide any refunds. 

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