"Sometimes it is within the most difficult situations that we  discover the most beautiful things."
- Adele Maree

Adele is passionate about building resilience, happiness, and strength through genuine self-care.

She shares her powerful story of determination, perseverance, and courage to empower workshop participants to discover their true desires, overcome obstacles, and motivate participants to take action and change.

Adele's signature workshop "The Journey to Wellness" takes participants on a journey incorporating mindfulness techniques, coaching strategies, and the principles of positive psychology to explore the following concepts;

  • Understanding the buzz word, "self-care".

  • Why is self-care is a necessity not a luxury.

  • What self-care looks like on you.

  • The Building Blocks of Self-Care. 

Followed by a journey of self-discovery through; 

  • Finding out your wellness score. 

  • Crafting a wellness vision that leads to clarity. 

  • Developing goals that pave the way to success. 

  • Overcoming obstacles and setting habits in stone.

Participants can continue their journey long after the session is over by using their Journey to Wellness Workbook. 

Adele specializes in delivering workshops, to stressed women and parents of both special needs children and neurotypical children. 

Workshops can be delivered to large and small groups. 

To book a workshop for your company or school please contact